Use Cases

Localflow chatbots can take reservations, process orders, track deliveries, manage stocks and promote and sell any kind of good or personal services.

Food preparation and delivery

Ahmed runs a pizza shop. He creates his RomeKingPizzaBot, to list his products in city chat groups and communities. He can then also receive orders with location, track deliveries and receive instant payments in IOTA, EWA or Euro.

Local Search for specific tasks

Linus wants to improve his linear algebra. He searches for skilled teachers in his area, finding the personal AI chatbot created by Jenny, a graduate math student. He can now subscribe to her on demand lessons.

Personal services

Angela is a home tailor who has just finished a new jacket design. She creates her bot, adds pictures, prices and a product description: AngelaTaylorBot is created and deployed in a few clicks. Her jackets are now available for sale in all the mainstream chat apps.

Smart multi reservation

Tim wants to reserve a soccer field inviting 9 random friends. He is in a hurry and thus delegates the task to BerlinSoccerFieldBot. The bot asks the communities, collects partial payments and makes the reservation. If the minimum number of players is not reached, everyone will be refunded.

Real time stock provisioning

Elisabeth runs a on-demand catering service. She builds LizStockBot to ensure she always has exactly what she needs. All items and ingredients are always ready for upcoming catering orders as her AI chatbot monitors low supplies and places refill orders when needed.

Environmental monitoring and sustainability

Real time data coming from distributed sensor networks can be collected to control the growth and stability of a given area: forest growth, climate and risk prediction, biodiversity, pollution and sound monitoring, etc. An application of this case is in Paris, where we're restoring a native forest in a polluted area of the Boulevard Périphérique, mixing the natural Miyawaki methodology and a decentralized sensor network governed by chatbot, the @ParisForestBot. Know more at

Localflow Principles



All participants of local exchanges receive value (EWA, IOTA or fiat) when they contribute.



Money does not flow solely to few business giants, on the contrary it circulates locally, for locals, across many participants.



Chatbots are deployed to different machines connected to the Localflow network, they access ledgers autonomously and communicate via IOTA MAM.



With the AI-powered local search you'll find exactly what you're looking for without wasting time and attention.