Localflow is fostering rich economies in which participants contribute to their local welfare in multiple ways, building mutually profitable networks.

White paper

See how the EWA token works within chatbots. Discover the decentralized local search, zero-fee IOTA payments and more!



Local economy is the system and range of economic activities in a local area that serves a local population.

Localflow bots load rich, structured, local content as they are in sync with microservices and businesses' data. Exchanged values stay local and anyone can build a bot in minutes. They're also available on all mainstream chat platforms.

Localflow search is decentralized. There's not a single point of access to information and the search is fine tuned using a conversational process. Thus, content producers are not fighting to advertise in a single results page as it currently happens on the centralized search engines.

EWA represents a unit of local value. It can be a value to purchase a specific personalized good, a private service or a chatbot module. It could also support community based marketing where influencers can be rewarded with EWA. Finally, it promotes better ranking in the local search engine, fostering internal value exchange between wallets specifically designed for the local economy.

The token launch is scheduled for next year, roughly in the first quarter 2018. It will be held as a Dutch auction, so the market will determine the final value of the token.