Localflow The AI chatbot platform for local economy

Decentralized, blockchain powered, high-privacy chatbots for urban traders. Your next cryptocurrency for the local market

Zero fees, high privacy, distraction-free local exchanges

Localflow is a lightning fast AI chatbot building platform deeply connected to services, businesses and community activities.


Enhance local microservices

Boost your business and personal activities, promoting offers and services in chat groups and chat applications.


Reward genuine activities

Be rewarded with EWA tokens for creating content, developing chatbot modules, sharing genuine activities and organising meetups.


Enable near-zero transactions fees

Pay for local services and goods in IOTA.Track your transactions and convert value between EWA, IOTA and fiat currencies.


Ensure high-privacy protection

Communicate in the local ecosystem via IOTA Masked Authentication Messaging. Your data is shared only if you allow it (and you are rewarded for that).

Decentralized architecture

Contributors, Devs, DevOps and Analysts can add new functionalities to any chatbot via components and templates and are rewarded with EWA, IOTA and fiat currencies.


Local activities

AI leverages local business expertise to find new customers, saving time and optimising resources.


Chatbot creation platform

Modular components to build chatbots in minutes, then deploy them to any platform and let them communicate in a decentralized ecosystem.


Ethereum / Tangle ledgers

The Ethereum blockchain runs the EWA rewarding smart-contracts. IOTA tangle stores payments and local search messages. Both distributed ledgers are autonomously accessible by your chatbots.

Type @LocalFlowBot on Telegram to meet the local communities, or @localflow to join the international group.

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